Bill is known for his photography and digitally created collages. His paintings, drawings, photographs and digital collages have been exhibited in solo and group exhibits through out the North East at venues including the Islip Museum, the Katonah Museum, the Brooklyn Museum, the TAI gallery in New York City, Hopper House, George Segal Gallery at Montclair State University and Ohio State University. In addition, his work is in private, corporate and institutional collections including the United Nations.

Born in New York, he attended Syracuse University and received his MFA from the University of Illinois. He was the recipient of the August Hazard Fellowship for academic excellence given by Syracuse University. He used that fellowship to travel in Europe targeting major museums and arts organizations to broaden his education.

He recently retired from teaching at Pratt Institute where he taught for 43 years. He has worked as both a professional photographer and artist since the late 60’s. Between the years 1988 and 1999 he was an Organizational Development Consultant working with such companies as Polaroid, Dow Jones Telerate and was the director of human resources for a software development firm, Morgan Parker Inc. He returned to Pratt in 1999 as full time faculty.

His interest in the forgotten, and hidden, started as a young man listening to both his father and grandfather describe their experiences that deviated radically from the then popular clichés about what was true and what was not. The dilemma of enculturation and inculturation has become the content of Bill’s collages. About 30 years ago Bill was introduced to a transformational paradigm. That paradigm included and includes personal awareness, being an anthropologist in one’s own life, observing culture and oneself without judgment. That mindset has lead Bill to study, in particular, the cultural and linguistic biases of European American culture as compared with Indigenous cultures.

Bill’s work is an appreciation of our history. It is an expression of realizing and reflecting on our obligation as the caretakers of this planet and its people.